Singing and Wellbeing Workshop

Do your students need to de-stress in the face of upcoming exams? Are they feeling overwhelmed?

It is well known that singing reduces stress, builds confidence and improves mood, contributing to better wellbeing in young people.

Our Academy of Vocal Music is a perfect opportunity for students to come together after school and immerse themselves in music – not only meeting new friends, but also having a break from homework and other pressures!

We will visit your school and run an hour-long workshop with our Vocal Tutors.

We understand the need to be flexible and would like to work with you to overcome timetabling constraints. If possible, we could visit during your usual choir rehearsals, or deliver our workshop during a PSHE session or GCSE music lesson.

KS3 students will be invited to join our Junior Academy and attend our weekly choir rehearsals, which take place in Ladywood. KS4 students will be invited to audition to be in our Senior Academy.

If you would like any further information about our SingMaker sessions for your whole school to enjoy please contact Hazel 

If you would like to find out more, or sign up for this project please email Sophie

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