You Already Know About Singing Playgrounds, Now Join Our Academies!


Calling all Ladywood Schools!



You’ll have heard about our Singing Playgrounds and SingMaker projects and may have taken part in some of our activities – we have another exciting opportunity for you!



As part of our ongoing mission to spread singing throughout Birmingham – and to ensure that all children get the chance to sing in a choir we would like to offer a FREE workshop to your school!



We will visit your school and run an afternoon workshop (13:30-15:00) with our Vocal Tutors which will finish with a short showcase assembly for parents (15:00-15:30). Timings can be adapted to suit your normal school timetable. All children will be invited to attend our weekly and monthly choir rehearsals, which take place in Ladywood.



If you aren’t based in Ladywood – but would still be interested in working with us then please get in touch!



If you would like to find out more, or sign up for this project please email Sophie 



To find out more about our Academies of Vocal music follow us on Twitter



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