SEMH Pilot Project for a Mainstream Primary School


Social, Emotional & Mental Health – Pilot Projects Phase 2



MAC Makes Music develops innovative music making opportunities to enable children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities to realise their musical potential.

As a part of our strategic role championing musical inclusion through funding from Youth Music, we are working with Birmingham Music Education Partnership to develop and influence music provision for primary school children who have/or are vulnerable to Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Difficulties.




Our team of specialists currently deliver creative music-making provision in a variety of settings, including Pupil Referral Units and Special Schools. As part of our programme we are looking to develop opportunities for those who may currently struggle to engage in a music offer at mainstream primary schools.

We are looking for a Birmingham primary school who would be interested in hosting/participating in this project. We are looking to deliver 10-12 pilot sessions across the autumn term.




MAC Makes Music musicians will work with the school to identify children who might benefit from an inclusive and creative approach to music making. Depending on the needs of the children, a timetable will be drawn up that offers 1:1 sessions and/or small ensemble sessions.



Our creative approach to music-making is child-centred and focused on musical, personal and social outcomes for the young person. Music leaders will work with the young person to design the sessions around their needs; this could include improvisation, composition, leading a group, music technology, performing and recording their own music.

The pilot projects are an opportunity for school staff to develop skills, and for community/music service musicians undertaking our Inclusive Music Training Programme to assist sessions as part of a placement.




To increase quality inclusive music making opportunities; raise aspirations; enable young people to take the lead and make choices. We believe strongly that music can help in many areas including communication, self-efficacy, confidence, co-ordination, empathy, turn taking and self-esteem.



There have been a number of pilot projects across the region, that are part of a bigger movement towards inclusive practice. We aim to use the learning from the projects to inform the work of Music Education Hubs. We also hope that school staff may pick up some techniques that they can continue when the project comes to an end.



If you are a mainstream primary school with pupils with SEMH needs and would like to register your interest in this potential project please contact


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