FREE Creative Composition Day for Secondary School Pupils

South & City College, Digbeth: Tuesday 25th June 2019: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Our Music Service are running the first Creative Composition Day. The aim of the event is to provide students with the opportunity to write their own music in small workshop groups.

Students will be supported by Music Service tutors and with the support of Songlab – a Birmingham-based music production company who support songwriters and artists with all aspects of becoming a working musician.

Students will work together in small mixed-instrument bands and they will come away from the event with written material as well as demo recordings of what is played on the day.

Stimuli and ideas will be provided to help students who need a starting point for writing music. We are running this event broadly as a Rock and Pop event, so we are targeting students interested in these styles.

The event is being organised by the Music Service’s Guitar and Keyboard Department, and as such it is targeted at players of those instruments. Electric and Acoustic guitars as well as piano/keyboard players will be welcome.

The event will provide a great opportunity for all aspiring songwriters, and will give GCSE students a great chance to gain some inspiration and ideas for their composition coursework. On top of this, they will have the chance to meet and work with like-minded students and form connections that will benefit them through their future musical development.

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