Music Health Check, including the New Ofsted Framework and Deep Dive

Services For Education Music Service have drawn together a package of in school support based on the new Ofsted Framework: Quality of Music Provision – Top Level View, Curriculum Deep Dive and Bringing it Together.

A must for all music leads, especially those new to post or non music specialists.

The Music Health Check has three elements which you can book individually or as a package, at a discount:

Top Level View – 2 hour meeting with a member of SLT & Curriculum Lead based on Quality of Music Provision and how music is taught across the key stages. We will discuss the importance of recognising what a musical school is and discuss implementation, impact and intent. (£200)

Deep Dive – 3.5 hour visit incorporating a meeting with the subject lead, lesson observation and questioning of pupils. How does music fit into the wider curriculum? We will discuss the ambitions and aspirations for the subject including equality of access for all pupils. There will be opportunities to discuss how the school get the most from the Birmingham Music Education Partnership (Hub) and how the school is working with the music service and other external partners to develop and promote cultural capital.(£400)

Bringing It Together – Written report and feedback with school. (£300)

All three packages £800.

For more information,contact us here or call us on 0121 366 9950.