New Videos: Introducing the Instruments

This blog was originally published here: Introducing the Instruments

SFE music teachers are pleased to introduce our new, exciting videos!

Designed to support schools with recruiting new instrumentalists and vocalists for September 2020, we have created a series of videos designed to introduce children to all of the musical instruments available.  

Each video features a short introduction followed by famous excerpts designed to inspire and motivate pupils to learn an instrument. 

Please feel free to share this page with parents and pupils.

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At Services For Education, we provide a variety of in-school music services, including special workshops, music teachers for hire, annual reporting, assembly support, advisory visits and training courses.

Since lockdown began, we have been providing music lessons for schools online. We have also spent a lot of time creating online content for schools to share, including the videos above. We will continue to provide music provision for schools digitally until it is safe to re-enter schools.

We have wide-ranging capabilities so if there is something music-related you need, chances are, we can provide it.

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