NEW exciting ‘safe’ singing programme FREE to all Birmingham primary schools

Children’s imaginations are full of sounds and their songs. Children often hum as they play. School playgrounds are a cacophony of happy noises. However, during this pandemic, singing, music-making and play is at risk.

Ex Cathedra’s Singing Playgrounds team have developed a NEW Singing Playgrounds project to help you with settling children back into school life; keeping everyone singing, with inclusion and creativity at its heart. In partnership with Everything to Everybody and Birmingham Music Education Partnership, we invite every Birmingham primary school to get involved, absolutely FREE.

Singing is an important activity for mental and physical well-being and this project will celebrate, inspire, and enable children’s creativity through their inclusive singing-play. We will inspire and enable teachers to put (safe) singing-play at the heart of the playground and the school community and the project will culminate with an online film collection and songbook of Birmingham children’s new singing games, and in many languages. Everything to Everybody celebrates George Dawson’s belief of culture for everybody and the world’s largest public Shakespeare collection – right here in our Library of Birmingham.

How are we signing schools up? 

Watch for more information on Twitter@SingPlaygrounds and visit our brand new site (launch date 18th October) to sign up: