B:Music Music Outreach Activities 2023-24

B:and Together
Our subsidised music-making programme, B:and Together, consists of three strands:

• B:and Together Jazz and Gospel – creative music making workshops, twice a month on Saturday afternoons. Please encourage you students to book online at bmusic.co.uk/make-music

• B:and Together Summer School – a free, five-day music making course where young musicians learn from a diverse group of industry professionals and connect with their local communities. There will be more information on how your students can apply next term.

• B:and Together Education Outreach – working in partnership with Services For Education to deliver creative music making workshops to KS2 and 3 schools based in deprived areas in Birmingham. If your school is based in an economically deprived area, you receive instrumental lessons from Services For Education, and you are interested in your student’s creating music that celebrates the musical passions and heritage of your students, then please get in touch with development@bmusic.co.uk

All strands aim to ignite a love for music and celebrate the heritage of children across different schools and communities within Birmingham.

StE.P Up
StE.P Up is B:Music’s free and accessible DJing and Production course for neurodivergent identifying children ages 11 to 16 learning in mainstream schools.

The project aims to offer an alternative route to develop skills in music technology including DJing, production and live sound recording. If you have any children who are autistic or neurodivergent, and have a passion for music and music technology, please get in touch with development@bmusic.co.uk