ExCathedra ChoirMaker Review in Music Teacher Magazine


ChoirMaker is for secondary school music teachers who want to get their Year 7s singing and establish a Year 7 choir. The resources are FREE to all Birmingham schools and funded via the music education hub. The free resources is produced by the education and participation team at ExCathedra.

The programme is designed to support and enable secondary school teachers who want to build a culture of singing together in their schools but are unsure of how to go about it. With the click of a button you will have your team of vocal tutors, instrumentalists and conductors in your classroom!

Designed for Year 7, ChoirMaker takes teachers and students through a carefully designed set of 10 online chapters, with each chapter being based on one song. Alongside the music notation there are a range of audio-visual resources to support you and your students. Some resources are for teachers to aid you as the choir leader. Most are aimed at your students and include demo-performances, demonstrations of voice parts, warm-ups, and a range of interactive activities such as exploring call and response or showing your students how to add percussion. There are extension activities and further performances to view which we hope will inspire you all. You know your pupils best so you can choose to progress through the chapters at a speed of your choosing.

Please find below a recent review from Music Teacher Magazine:

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