Decus Ensemble / classical music workshop & £750 grant opportunity for primary schools

An interactive workshop of classical music written by musicians of African and Caribbean descent, performed by Decus Ensemble, a flexible and diverse group of professional classical musicians who promote the works of less well-known composers throughout classical music history.

Workshop + Grant Detail
Decus Ensemble and the Decca Bursary / Universal Music UK Sound Foundation are offering primary schools a free interactive workshop along with a £750 grant towards supporting music provision.
• Hour-long interactive and fun workshop showcasing orchestral instruments
• Performing repertoire by classical composers of African and Caribbean descent, side-lined by history, alongside more well-known works
• Fun, participatory activities focused on engagement, communication, pupil choice and voice
• Accompanying resource pack with wrap-around activity ideas and resources
• Aimed at primary-aged children (in particular Years 4 – 6) not currently learning orchestral instruments, as whole-year groups or selected classes
• £750 grant towards further music provision along with support and advice from Decus Ensemble and local music hubs in finding impactful ways to use it
• Touring Hackney, Leeds and Birmingham February 2023 – availability to support two primary schools in Birmingham across Mon 26 and Tue 27 Feb

Outcomes for schools and young people
• Increase awareness of the historical relevance and importance of composers of African and Caribbean descent in Western classical music
• Accessible introduction to instruments from the orchestra, as performed by musicians from diverse backgrounds
• Inspire curiosity about less familiar musical styles

If your school are interested in benefiting from this scheme, get in touch with Tom Lovatt, Producer for Decus Ensemble, by 12pm on Friday 26 January. Depending on the number of responses there may be a short application process. / 07506 092061


This opportunity is provided by Decus Ensemble directly and not via the Birmingham Music Education Partnership.