Augmented Reality as a tool for in-person piano tuition

Augmented Reality as a tool for in-person piano tuition

DATE: Thursday 21st March 2024 – 4:00-5:00pm

LOCATION: Birmingham City University: City South Campus (SCT 009), Westbourne Road, Birmingham B15 3TN

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What is this event about?

This event presents the findings of a research project that explored the value of Augmented Reality as a tool for in-person piano tuition. The research worked with six established piano tutors in four areas of England. They incorporated Meta Quest headsets with a cascade-style piano learning app into lessons over a 10-week period. The research team tracked pupil progress and engagement as well as the often contrasting perspectives of tutors, pupils and parents of the technology as a learning tool. The findings of the research offer new perspectives on both this particular scenario, but also the value of the voice of educators in the research and development of new teaching technologies.

Who will be presenting?

Ben Sellers is a musician, educator and MA student at BCU. His work is focussed on two intersecting areas: future technologies and improving access to high-quality creative opportunities for young people with additional learning needs. He works across the music sector to embed inclusive practice and champion innovation with partners including the BBC and Tokyo Symphony Orchestras, the Royal College of Music, Live Music Now and Drake Music.

Twitter: @bensellerz